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Novel ways of looking at salt. Part 2*

Cooking aside, Japanese culture is strong on rituals using salt.

Restaurateurs pour salt into cone-shaped piles at their front entrance to attract customers and to keep evil energy out.

Sumo wrestlers perform pre-match salt ceremonies, often with dramatic sprays in the air of the white stuff, to ward off opposing negative elements and to bring on a victory…. Read more…

A mighty macro

This is not a close-up of ice cubes in a rock glass about to be splashed with vodka, nor some walls in an ice hotel. This is a crystal of table salt, magnified 45 times, which oddly doesn’t seem like a lot when you stop to consider the size of a grain of salt. Read more…

Flavour’em, stack’em ‘n’ pack’em.

With a nod to the periodic table of elements, the work of designer Eduardo del Fraile of Spain, an offshoot of his SoSo salt campaign. via LovelyPackage


Na Natural

Tr Truffled

Pi Five peppers

Ba Barbecue

As Asian

Pm Smoked paprika

Me Mediterranean

Ar Arabian

In Indian