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Devour_03When a photographer is looking at it, upside down, namely Norway’s Christopher Jonassen.

More magic ..

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This cool guy comes from More Than Human, Tim Flach‘s new book of highly conceptual animal portraits, and it came to light for me thanks to Maria Popova’s brilliant blog BrainPickings,… Read more…

Your breakfast is  your fingerprint.

Really, it is. All you yogurt-fruit-and-honey types, you’re not the same. Your bowls might seem the same or even look alike, but no two of you are the same.

Nor you croissant-and-jam types or hard-boiled-eggs-and-whole-wheat-toast types. You’re unique. Even you black coffee types. Distinctive. Of a type, but individual.

California photographer Jon Huck proves it…. Read more…

Perfectly ripe avocados are worthy of a visual ode like this one. It comes from one of my favourite tumblrs — photoproblem – which is too ironic by half, because all this site does is give you the solution to the “photoproblem” — which is beauty.

It’s practically Aristotelian, and in case you’re wondering, that’s when “all parts work together in harmony, so that no one part draws unjust attention to itself.”

She is constantly pulling this off, particularly in her pictures of food, sometimes curated, where her subjects are always stripped bare and free of embellishments, or so it seems.

What she’s really doing is creating a highly stylized understatement, with a really powerful sensibility, evocative to the max, if that’s your taste.

It’s definitely mine.

Her pictures shout to me and then lull me, which makes me think: this is exactly how good marketing works.

If she wanted, she could sell me anything. Because I’ve bought in. Because she’s expressed a sensibility so well that I’ve had to put it here, so that I can enjoy it again and again.

The site’s owner is a young Spanish-Icelandic woman currently working on an MA in marketing. She has a BA in architecture.

For beauty around the depiction of food in an anti-gawker way, follow her here. The picture’s original maker was hard to find except to say it came to photoproblem via WhereIsTheCool  and SquareMeal. Feast away.





Sea anemone, its name is poetry.

Sea-life at the bottom of the food chain, from a new book, Ocean Drifters, by Richard R. Kirby, Firefly Books.

via WSJPhotoJournal.