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How It’s Done or henceforth HID

Introducing this regular new feature, the food world’s equivalent to best practices in producing the final product, when a food presentation displays beautiful work  in technical execution or great ideas,  and when overall it evoke desire in the viewer.

The jam is the star here: a high concentration of flavour freshened up with some fresh fruit to finish.

I know, if only we could cyber-taste or even smell.

Maybe that’s in the works somewhere.

Let’s wish for it hope.

via No Perfect Day for Banana Fish

… is often a very simple thing.

Chicken Pot Pie from NYC’s Celsius. Via Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal

Rustic trumps neatness for elegance, every time.

via Lotti + Doof

For the girlie pastry chef in your life.


The work of German designer Tanja Hartmann via, appropriately, ShareSomeCandy.