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Novel ways of looking at salt. Part 2*

Cooking aside, Japanese culture is strong on rituals using salt.

Restaurateurs pour salt into cone-shaped piles at their front entrance to attract customers and to keep evil energy out.

Sumo wrestlers perform pre-match salt ceremonies, often with dramatic sprays in the air of the white stuff, to ward off opposing negative elements and to bring on a victory…. Read more…

Eric Reguly’s latest column,  The Future of the Supermarket,  is about his recent find in Turin, a retail application of “eco-gastronomy” called Eataly.

“It is an unlikely blend of food bazaar, farm stand, educational centre, museum, eclectic dining experience and political and environmental movement – though one anchored firmly in the world of commerce,” writes Reguly, which is exactly how we’d like to see eco-gastronomy: the Whole Foods model with value added.

The chain is expanding briskly in Italy and then heading into Japan and Manhattan.

It may take a while, but having had Whole Foods trod a sturdy, dependable path for its growing market, we’re going to Eataly here, too.

Image via ffffound through mint.