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Yossi, you rock.


And the lore begins:

“One summer night, the three Fisher women sat around the kitchen table enjoying a batch of homemade frozen rugelach … and a light bulb went on!”

Stand back, ladies. The Chocolate Babka alone is going to fly out of the freezer, but I don’t doubt the rest will, too.

In case we need to say it, Kosher.

Great background via Imprint and more to the point, CHOZEN.

via This Isn’t Happiness, and yet it is.

Bittersweet to be thinking about ice cream this time of year.

If we’re going to have it, we’re having it indoors.

Come January and February, having a cone while ice-skating outdoors at the City Hall rink …

that’s a fully sweet embrace of the cold for us four-season Canadians.