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pan 4

To beloved creatives everywhere, especially those who make magic for food companies — my peeps.  The rest of them are lined up here …

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sharpie Easter eggs

A nice change from spring pastels. Black and white is my favourite colour.

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The eggs in Spain fall mainly on the other guy’s head

But by the looks of it, with flour thrown in for good measure. This strange behaviour is the celebration of Els Enfarinats, a traditional battle of baking ingredients — where’s the butter, I’m wondering — in the town of Ibi in eastern Spain…. Read more…

If you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.

What keeps this bromide from being a full-blown cliché is the suck-it-up attitude that says: to have something of value, you have to give something up.

You have to break through.

The task is deceptively easy. The way eggs pretend to be fragile.

It actually takes 52 pounds of pressure to break an egg vertically, and 92 pounds to break them horizontally. And when you tap one against another, only one will crack, as if some built-in preservation system is at play.

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