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pra facade

How to get a client to go for your most adventurous design

When Melbourne’s Prahan Hotel was ready for expansion, they went back to Techné, a local architectural firm they’d worked with before and with whom they had a lot of trust equity.

The hotel’s creative brief called for a design that was more conventional than not, but something no other Australian pub had.

“We actually expected [them] to go with the most adventurous idea,” says project architect Justin Northrup.

Cue the mega-tonne standard drainage pipes … Read more…


The client made it super simple

The brief read,

Our product is strange and unique.

We want to make this clear.

Mission accomplished.

These crazy gorgeous candies come with a double-reveal. The first reveal is some peekaboo packaging [below] with the “pebble” story [they look so real, birds are drawn to them; as if]. The second reveal is the sumptuous dissection above…. Read more…