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Maybe, in the beginning, it was all about the yeast

Or, How a landing page delivers a brand

To my eyes, this establishment is a hipster couple. She’s the sweet, the cupcake, and he’s the beardy suds, the beer. That’s flagrantly sexist, but it was the only way I could “get” this business identity at first, because connecting the two, in terms of name stamp and food pairings, I wasn’t feeling it. … Read more…

The second course of the stinky cheese meal prepared by Chef Andy D’Amico, below, at Marseille on West 44th Street: a creamy polenta with Taleggio, porcini cream, sage and a sunny-side up pullet egg.

Photog Daniella Zalcman [gorgeous work]

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Invite me to this. Nickel Colbalt via ffffound

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Cannot stress it enough.

Nice socks.

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“You should make homemade cheese straws,” says Amy Palajian, via ReadyMade.

This must be why.