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How to get a client to go for your most adventurous design

When Melbourne’s Prahan Hotel was ready for expansion, they went back to Techné, a local architectural firm they’d worked with before and with whom they had a lot of trust equity.

The hotel’s creative brief called for a design that was more conventional than not, but something no other Australian pub had.

“We actually expected [them] to go with the most adventurous idea,” says project architect Justin Northrup.

Cue the mega-tonne standard drainage pipes … Read more…

Let’s plug this baby into plans for urban vertical farming.

Designed by Polish architecture students Ryszard Rychlicki and Agnieszka Nowak.

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God is in the details

— Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

This Swiss building is called the Cocoon, and it took my breath away the minute I came across it today. I’ve been working from home for nearly five years and really love it, but I’d get professionally suited-up and ride public transit during rush hour [both of which I hate] if I could work here.

Based on the visceral and emotional buzz I got just looking at pictures of it, I’m convinced that I’d be more creative and productive in this space, that my abilities would soar, that my mood would be mostly positive and that my general health would improve.

See more photos of this building here and be moved, too.

Thanks to Doug Tee for Tweeting this today.

Creative ideas like this really get me going. Architecture and design are already riding the container revolution. Restos are a natural application.

And the Economist announced today that Canada is only 14th among the world’s most innovative countries [thanks Sean Moffitt]. There’s got to be a miscalculation. Don’t get me started.

Logistics? Not worried. If the same brights are on it, no problem.

Here’s the Globe’s report.