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I started working with Stephanie in the past year and I cannot recommend enough her beautiful writing and editorial skills. Her deep knowledge of digital marketing and the web make it a breeze to work with her. Stephanie also has an easy capacity to grasp what I or my clients wish to express and this makes our collaboration priceless. If you need a food or lifestyle writer, she is the One. Bar none. I cannot wait to work with her again.

Jacqueline Ng, Chief Marketing Officer, ECG Home

Stephanie has some great ingredients for food writing, including salt (experience), pepper (writing for the web needs kick), and a secret sauce (also an asset in today’s super-saturated media gumbo) that brings a professional flair to digestible prose. Hire her. We do.

Barry Martin, Creative Director  HYPeNOTIC

Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with. We partnered with her for some copywriting. She contributed many ideas to enhance our project and brought passion and enthusiasm to her work.  Stephanie was very collaborative, and her follow-through skills were great.  Thank you Stephanie.”

Stephanie G., Yum! Restaurants Canada

Content Marketing

Stephanie has been an extraordinary resource helping us develop our industry newsletter. She has been able to find stories about relevant and interesting topics, she has managed to deliver the products on schedule and made adjustments for us with tight turn around times.

Franco Naccarato  Greenbelt Fund

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie on the Savour Ontario industry newsletter over the last year.  Stephanie understands the nuances of Ontario’s local food and brings a unique perspective to her writing that readers find interesting and fresh. Savour Ontario has received many compliments on the quality of the articles, which has attributed to the success of our newsletter.

Christine Rector Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Stephanie and I clicked right away through our passion for our work and food!!  She embraced our story and helped bring to life what we do, along with validation. We take pride in what we do, as does Stephanie.  Her writing is raw and honest; when she believes in something she shares it, whether it be in writing or through personal contact.  She has shared our story personally with many chefs and has helped us to increase our customer base and profile. Stephanie is always willing to help out in any way she can and when you’re a small family run business, like ours, every little bit helps.  She is a breath of fresh air…

Stephanie Purdy <‘ )))))<<  www.purdyfisheries.com

Menu copywriting

Stephanie’s passion and expertise make her a great resource for my menu projects. I know that regardless of the budget or time constraints, Stephanie will deliver quality work with lots of options. She always does her research and asks insightful questions before starting any assignment. I look forward to working with Stephanie again in the future.

Sharon Douce SIR Corp Restaurants

Stephanie was able to help us articulate our dishes at their best, because she understood how they were executed in the kitchen. We look forward to working with Stephanie again.

Steven Silvestro, Corporate Executive Chef Alice Fazooli’s

Digital content, strategic marketing

Stephanie has amazing ability to understand the target market, select relevant topics and present them with clarity and simplicity. She created the WFIM newsletter, designed its content and set its tone, which immediately received accolades from our membership. Stephanie also mapped out the newly designed WFIM website and contributed 95 percent of the copy, resulting in membership growth of over 40 per cent in just one month.

Pat Goldthorpe Give and Go Prepared Foods

Stephanie was a critical part of the team that worked to bring the Women In Food Industry vision to life. She was passionate and strong about her ideas and always followed through. Her unique contribution was her ability to crystallize thoughts and turn them into poetry. Her ability to engage and entice others through interesting stories and articulating thoughts succinctly and with style was exemplified recently with the inaugural edition of the Women In Food Industry newsletter. It has taken the website and professional image of the association to another level.

Kathryn Simpson Kathryn Simpson Consulting

Branding, digital content

Stephanie is an excellent marketing writer. She developed my branding and produced my web content. I get a lot of compliments on how well it reads and how well organized it is. Thanks to her inspired editing, my blog pieces get published. Stephanie is my secret weapon.

Carlos Fuenmayor Sabrosito


Stephanie’s long run as a columnist and contributor to Bakers Journal is a testament to her creative copy and fantastic insight into the business of food. She is a pleasure to work with and I always look forward to her articles.

Laura Aiken Baker’s Journal

Media release picked up National Post…

Great work, Stephanie. This is a true piece of writing.

Daniel Schneider  Pennant Media Group

Media release picked up by the Globe and Mail…


Nadia G BitchinKitchen.TV

Editing Conference Board of Canada report

I have known Stephanie since 2004 when we both attended a course for consultants. She quickly developed a reputation as being one of the brightest minds in the group. In the fall of 2007, as I was finalizing a paper for the Conference Board of Canada I needed an editor to review my work on very short notice. As my usual editor was unavailable, I asked Stephanie to step in and help me out. Not only did she do an outstanding job, but she did it with the highest level of professionalism and caring. It would be my privilege to work with Stephanie again – any time, anywhere.

Alex Todd Trust Enablement