july dusk

When warm gold light spills out from inside the cafe, when we savour the warm air on our bare arms and legs, when we know the day’s nearly done because it’s turning indigo, that’s when we’re in heaven.


pra facade

How to get a client to go for your most adventurous design

When Melbourne’s Prahan Hotel was ready for expansion, they went back to Techné, a local architectural firm they’d worked with before and with whom they had a lot of trust equity.

The hotel’s creative brief called for a design that was more conventional than not, but something no other Australian pub had.

“We actually expected [them] to go with the most adventurous idea,” says project architect Justin Northrup.

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bread jn 13

Like a kitchen-warmed full moon, sour dough, so moist you can taste it, heavy, dense and cool. Smoked salmon w/creme fraiche, capers and red onions. Rare-roast beef, grain mustard, horseradish mayo. cracked black pepper. Egg salad. #HowIdLoveThee


India Daily Life

An Indian farmer gathers, carries and drops a harvest of pineapples at a farm near Agartala, two kilimetres from Bangladesh.

Photo: Abhik Deb/Associated Press



Production Of Roquefort Societe 150years Cheese

French dairy goats from Millau, wearing the latest in husbandry accessories.

Photo by Balint Porneczi for Bloomberg

Think Dove, but with food. Pasta in particular. But mostly, genuine love and respect. [Yeah, I know. That works for everyone.]



Double-decker windows plus drop-chain ball lighting, this kitchen is the 19th century home of English interior designer and antiques dealer Rose Uniake. Her aesthetic includes some French touches that try very hard not to draw attention and are unmistakably stylish all the same. See more of the house here. My favourite: the floors.


A farmer harvests wheat at the fields in Bhaktapur

Wheat done differently, this time, in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photo by Navesh Chitrakar for Reuters and WSJ.

World News - May 1, 2013
Who, but this guy, can nap on top of his own work? A Pakistani farmer catches a few zzz’s on some harvested wheat in a field in Peshawar, Pakistan. Photo by Ahmad Sidique for WSJ Photojournal.

daily bread 3Apr

Panpepato senza pepe, it says on Sinemage’s flikr comment thread. This bread is a classic rustic Italian  loaf that’s rarely seen today. Panpepato means peppered bread. Senza pepe means without pepper.

“The bread was just coming out from the oven, still crackling and whistling,” says the photographer about the moment the pic got taken. Lucky for us.


Traditional outrigger canoe fishing

Sri Lankan fish netted on a beach in Galle.

Photo by M.A. Pushpa Kumar for European Pressphoto Agency



identity2day 20mar

Gastro Ghetto: Get there quick

Grégoire Jacquet opened his eponymous California restaurant in 2002, doing classical French dining, take-out and catering. He’s clearly doing something right, because he’s keeping two locations afloat. One is in Berkeley, in what he likes to call “the gastro ghetto,” because it’s down the road from Chez Panisse. Some ghetto. Reputation by location: is that a thing now? We’ll allow it. If you’re good enough to stand and hold your own next to a great, you get points for that. His second location is in Oakland.

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rustic bread variety

Rustic varieties to the max ..


cod shakshuka

Cod shakshuka from The Cleveland in lower Manhattan. 

I first learned about this dish from Bonnie Stern, at a James Beard class paired up with Mitchell Davis. Although it’s a Middle Eastern classic — I think Bonnie was showing us her grandmother’s recipe [or was that her grandmother’s recipe for challah, which we also made that day?]. Either way, it struck me that this dish could pass as Italian. Simple ingredients, lovely flavours. Thanks to the Mediterranean for joining us up this way.


sharpie Easter eggs

A nice change from spring pastels. Black and white is my favourite colour.

via Design Fetish

No asparagus due to cold weather
Almost there, but not yet: a farmer checks his asparagus under tarps designed to protect the crop from frost. Turns out, it’s an early look but it’ll be a later harvest this year in Woebbelin, Germany. Photo

beech mushrooms

Mushrooms always take me immediately into the woods, even when they’ve been cultivated in faux-woods arrangements, as most of our commercial mushrooms are today. These babies are beech mushrooms, aka shimejis, and I see them in a light fry-up with some olive oil and a clove of garlic [whole, for aroma, and then hauled out, I’m done with you], tossed with linguini, a few chili flakes, cracked blacked pepper and shaved asiago. Here’s Cozy Kitchen doing soup instead.


daily bread 18mar

A woman carries bread in Diyarbakir, Turkey’s main Kurdish city, as the Turkish central government begins talks with an imprisoned rebel Kurd who is proposing a cease fire, an uplifting thought.




The Shishito Peppers at Stix Mediterranean Grill in NYC, a spot that favours healthy Mediterranean dishes, many involving meat on a stick, and yet, not in this case. Photo by Ramsay de Give for WSJ


This is by far my favourite day of the year, mainly because minor math is involved.

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