The whole line can be bought at The FLOW Market for about $20 a pop.

Choose from “Courage To Be Honest,” “Effortlessness” and “Chi.”

Designer Mads Hagstrom calls them a purely spiritual product, but more specifically,

“An empty sealed can that materializes immaterial needs.”

Good gag gift. Indigo should stock them in the self-help aisle.

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I don’t usually go for girly stuff. And what’s girlier than this rose petal sugar?

Baker-photographer Julie Marie Craig stumbled onto the stuff at Nicasio Valley Cheese  on a day out with her dad.

But I’m always drawn to poetry, and this label has it.

I know. It’s just a statement of what it is and who should get credit. But bare-boned and to the point, there’s no more powerful message than that.

This lovely stuff calls to girly cupcakes everywhere, and also wedding cakes. Can it stand up to something richer, like maybe the chocolate mousse I served on a catering gig recently? Yup. In the chantilly cream garnish. Just enough girly juxtaposed to make rich dark chocolate even better.

Worth the visit: Julie’s blog  Always With Butter.

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Although this is completely awesome if you’re looking for emotional Richter results, it’s a typical  peer-look-at-me ad. I first saw it about five minutes ago, and my skin is still crawling.

Way to get the brand to circle the bowl. Unless your market is prankish 20- or 30-something males.

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It sizzles, and that burger better, because they say it will.

Reminds me of the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo. It’s there, but not obviously so, but better for having been built in.

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Designer Yossi Belkin

… who gave me my favourite marketing adage: “The product is the marketing.

These beauties say that even more eloquently.

Freshly shucked and ready to set down in front of the wise guest who ordered them.

John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan. (Philip Montgomery for via WSJ Photo Journal

The work of French artist currently known as DeWitte. Via houhouhaha.


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Begs the question, why an ampersand?

A thing of beauty to hold together the two main ingredients.


By Andreas Neophytou via ffffound




You can taste them, and the photog captured the message. Machines don’t do this.

By Graphic Exchange via ffffound.

… with outstanding confusion. Noodles or tonic or what?

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Sweet. Smart. Great metrics. Wait for “Results.”
By the time the piece has you, you’ve forgotten the significance of the special offer that inspired the whole thing in the first place. Doubly good … 2-for-1 good.

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Today is Broader Public Sector Food Service Day. It’s a mouthful, I know. Pun intended. Yet, hiding in that tag is good news for anyone in Ontario who eats — and by extension, all the folks who produce artisanal products, raise animals responsibly, and grow fruits and vegetables for all of us.

Local food is getting a bit of ribbing these days. Check out this great video from the new IFC show “Portlandia,” where local eating is pushed to the extreme, with great comic effect. Hilarious.

Still, at the end of the day, we’ve eaten three meals, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs [OMAFRA] wants to make it easier for more of that food to come to us from nearby.

I first got involved with OMAFRA by writing several newsletters for the ministry’s Savour Ontario initiative. It gave me the chance to profile chefs, producers, farmers and distributors working together to put Ontario food into our best restaurants.

The initiative has branched out. The ministry has cast a wider net, focused on the “broader public sector.” In that net are 150 hospitals, 250 childcare centres run by municipalities and colleges, 100 long-term care facilities, 22 universities, 28 colleges, 100 school boards. You get the picture. That’s a lot of meals. And that’s one sweet spot of opportunity for producers to expand their markets.

“Ontario’s Local Food Champions 2011” is a report released last week by Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. It profiles three Local Food champions who are making strides in putting more local food into the public sector. The report features a university executive chef, a municipality and a health-care facility, all of whom have produced valuable, scalable models. You can get the report as a pdf at the bottom of the page here.

To make it easy for others to follow these models, the ministry launched OntarioFresh.ca, a groundbreaking online marketplace to help grow the businesses of folks doing this good work.  What you’ll find is a registration site where you can sign up in advance of the official launch of the full site in September, when you’ll have full access, including the marketplace feature. OntarioFresh.ca is a Friends of Greenbelt Foundation initiative with funding from OMAFRA.

Worth noting, and found on the OntarioFresh.ca site, is the Broader Public Sector Investment Fund, which provides grants for anyone working to get more Ontario food into public sector foodservice. The ministry calls this “the value chain.” There’s something in it for everyone. If that’s you, plug in.

In the meantime, drop by the Local Food Plus booth at the Green Living Show, running until Sunday. Say hey to Erin Shapero, one of Canada’s leading experts in local sustainable food. Erin is Manager of Institutional Relations for Local Food Plus. She’ll hook you up.

Photo by Lino Micheli aka The Accidental Farmer

This is the house brand belonging to Waitrose, the UK supermarket chain. As long as the contents properly resemble the packaging, they should do all right. [Wonder what that celery tastes like. What an underrated and underused vegetable.] Still, although I love a minimalist approach, these feel just a little under-designed.

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Sarah Silverman’s not everybody’s cup of tea. You’re never quite sure with her. She’s always just a couple of degrees off. But it warms my heart to see the Denny’s logo off to the side while she mugs with Dave Koechner on his digital show, “Always Open,” as in, Denny’s is…. If only for Silverman’s impression of Neve Campbell, or maybe it’s the “two lies and one truth” game, it’s hard not to give Denny’s kudos. Here’s the trailer. Here’s the first in the series: Justin Bateman. Watch for Will Arnett, Amy Poeler, Kristen Bell, Will Forte. I’m going to say it. It’s a Grand Slam.

What those percentages really look like? Spells it out beautifully. via FastCompany

Identity and collateral design for this Vancouver boite is the work of  Glasfurd & Walker, who are also fans. They say the porchetta sandwich and the maple bacon ice cream sandwiches became instant hits.

Chocolate. Absinthe. Donuts. Said to be the signature work of pastry chef Zac Young at Flex Mussels in Manhattan. No wonder why. Photo: Daniella Zalcman via WSJ