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If only great ideas could stick like these do.

We’ve had magnetic knife rails for some time, but not for the key utensils that we pull out of a drawer after we’re done all our slicing and dicing. Once we’ve done our basic prep and we’re ready to head to the stove, we reach for the spoon, fork and spatula.

Here they are, and like none other.

This gorgeous beech set comes from Slovenia, which has a storied tradition of woodworking that the makers of this set would like to revive. They’re produced and designed by Leis, a Slovenian company that follows a sustainable, fair-trade business model that they like to keep local. Harvesting, design and manufacturing were conducted in a 30 km radius.

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Some lucky Londoner gets up every morning to make coffee in this minimal, clean design kitchen. Backed by white-painted bricks in front of a farmhouse sink and its striking faux-oldtimey hardware, those lucky Londoners are cooking eggs and who knows what else on a stunning AGA stove, prepping their food on marble counters, fishing into repurposed wooden-fronted drawers and standing on an understated floor of wooden slats in a herringbone design.

And I am standing there with them. Let no beautiful kitchen escape my dreamy place in it.



Double-decker windows plus drop-chain ball lighting, this kitchen is the 19th century home of English interior designer and antiques dealer Rose Uniake. Her aesthetic includes some French touches that try very hard not to draw attention and are unmistakably stylish all the same. See more of the house here. My favourite: the floors.



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For people for whom a whole lot of counter space is not enough. And that would be me. Also, how much is enough when it comes to copper pots? Someone here might be planning to open a cooking school.