…our local strawbs, that is.

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Who’s a clever baker, then?

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The Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain, was completed last month, designed by J. MAYER H. Architects, carved out in the centre of town, meshing seamlessly with it.

The mostly timber structure has an archaeological museum, a farmers’ market, an elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols, as well as a panorama terrace on the upper level of the parasols.

How architecture can feed and inspire the soul.

Photographs by Fernando Alda and David Franck.

Today’s episode of Resto Store-Front Typography offers a mixed bag. Look and feel says polish and elegance. But why provide cross-streets at the point where people are already at said cross-streets?

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This is the house brand belonging to Waitrose, the UK supermarket chain. As long as the contents properly resemble the packaging, they should do all right. [Wonder what that celery tastes like. What an underrated and underused vegetable.] Still, although I love a minimalist approach, these feel just a little under-designed.

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What those percentages really look like? Spells it out beautifully. via FastCompany


My cyber pal Kelly Hunt found this thrilling piece of art and sent it my way. Kelly’s Eat Local London blog is a revered, go-to source of local food from her region — as well as a way for her to ply her warmth, charm and love of good food. Give her a holler.

I went for the bacon to apple motif, below, because it’s a great fit for her last post: Berkshire Pork, Ambrosia Apple & Le Bonaporte on Naan.

Other variations on this theme.

More work by Oscar Ramos.

Identity and collateral design for this Vancouver boite is the work of  Glasfurd & Walker, who are also fans. They say the porchetta sandwich and the maple bacon ice cream sandwiches became instant hits.

That’s all of us.

This is three ways we might express it.

Single-source Caribbean from Portland-based Moonstruck Chocolate.

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Wonderful brand identity. Love this design idea. It tells me what else is good here.

I want to come back even before I’ve left.

Designer Sara Nicely

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Here’s putting some fine points on it, 164 to be exact.

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Cold, but beautiful. Hot tea would be just the thing.

A detail shot of the tree-ring-inspired Oribe Tea House, Tajimi, Gifu, Japan, 2005.

Designed by Kengo Kuma

Photographed by Daici Ano

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Branding before there was branding. Wait, there was always branding.

From the Soda Can Library, covering 1938 -1980.

Would love to see the next 30 years and how it got us to Red Bull.

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Finally, blood orange season, free for the co-opting.

Like the School of Visual Arts has done here.

This is a poster for master workshops in Venice and Rome this June, when and where — ironically — there won’t be a single blood orange worth eating.

It won’t matter. Field greens and wild strawberries will be flooding the markets. See you next January, blood oranges.

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First sunny day in what feels like weeks. Gray days, cry me a river.

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… a selection of unique points of view.

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