Take these babies for a spin.

via ffffound and The Dieline

Here’s to a thing done really really well. By Perfect Endings in the Napa Valley. Via This Isn’t Happiness [again, it is] and Design Fetish

Perfectly ripe avocados are worthy of a visual ode like this one. It comes from one of my favourite tumblrs — photoproblem – which is too ironic by half, because all this site does is give you the solution to the “photoproblem” — which is beauty.

It’s practically Aristotelian, and in case you’re wondering, that’s when “all parts work together in harmony, so that no one part draws unjust attention to itself.”

She is constantly pulling this off, particularly in her pictures of food, sometimes curated, where her subjects are always stripped bare and free of embellishments, or so it seems.

What she’s really doing is creating a highly stylized understatement, with a really powerful sensibility, evocative to the max, if that’s your taste.

It’s definitely mine.

Her pictures shout to me and then lull me, which makes me think: this is exactly how good marketing works.

If she wanted, she could sell me anything. Because I’ve bought in. Because she’s expressed a sensibility so well that I’ve had to put it here, so that I can enjoy it again and again.

The site’s owner is a young Spanish-Icelandic woman currently working on an MA in marketing. She has a BA in architecture.

For beauty around the depiction of food in an anti-gawker way, follow her here. The picture’s original maker was hard to find except to say it came to photoproblem via WhereIsTheCool  and SquareMeal. Feast away.





Cream ceramics and leathers, blond corrugated wood, the Graffiti Cafe, Varna, Bulgaria by Studio Mode via The Contemporist.

Although this is completely awesome if you’re looking for emotional Richter results, it’s a typical  peer-look-at-me ad. I first saw it about five minutes ago, and my skin is still crawling.

Way to get the brand to circle the bowl. Unless your market is prankish 20- or 30-something males.

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Inspired by last week’s gorgeous weather. Pillows. Good thinking.

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.. when everything looks daunting, but isn’t really. It’s just an illusion. I love that.

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Today’s astonishing talent: Hong Yi makes pictures using coffee and the bottom of her coffee cup.

The piece took 12 hours to make. Back story and video.

via the apt InspireMeNow

When it’s shot and marketed like this:

but only until you look into its face, sadly:

Pedantic, unbeautiful, disappointing. That skull motif — not what I’d like to look at every morning.

How design can do a swan dive. How a Ferrari became a Lada.

The Brunopasso via TwoWheels+ designed by Tadahito Ishibashi.

The work of French artist currently known as DeWitte. Via houhouhaha.


Why not?

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Design by Céline Frébault for Sentou

Sea anemone, its name is poetry.

Sea-life at the bottom of the food chain, from a new book, Ocean Drifters, by Richard R. Kirby, Firefly Books.

via WSJPhotoJournal.

Shopping list fridge magnets via, unsurprisingly, Plenty Of Colour [and the very helplful]  ffffound.

Begs the question, why an ampersand?

A thing of beauty to hold together the two main ingredients.


By Andreas Neophytou via ffffound




You can taste them, and the photog captured the message. Machines don’t do this.

By Graphic Exchange via ffffound.

The puzzle board by Dutch designer OOMS via @swissmiss.

I was happy to see them until they became a novelty.

This handy-for-hors d’oeurves feature is a bit of trying too hard, although I’ve seen similar deals at Feast of Fields, for gourmands traveling from chef station to chef station. But a room full of my guests walking around w/these things? I don’t see it.

Otherwise, I love them.


By Carl Kleiner via ThingsOrganizedNeatly