This is who doesn’t have to:  Shout Advertising, Sweden.

The whole line can be bought at The FLOW Market for about $20 a pop.

Choose from “Courage To Be Honest,” “Effortlessness” and “Chi.”

Designer Mads Hagstrom calls them a purely spiritual product, but more specifically,

“An empty sealed can that materializes immaterial needs.”

Good gag gift. Indigo should stock them in the self-help aisle.

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Have that marker at the ready.

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Sweet. Smart. Great metrics. Wait for “Results.”
By the time the piece has you, you’ve forgotten the significance of the special offer that inspired the whole thing in the first place. Doubly good … 2-for-1 good.

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To commemorate the Royal Wedding, mushy peas?

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Who knew pasta’s ready for picking in early spring.
In case you missed you it.
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Chinese New Year is giving us The Year of the Rabbit.
Three reasons I love this.

1. My brother’s a rabbit, according to the Chinese Horoscope, and there’s none better than him.

2. Rabbit is delicious. We grew up on it, marinated in white wine and rosemary, then roasted.

3. The rabbit is spry, lively and deft, a great way of doing business, my model for 2011.

A charming 49 seconds of spry, lively, deft, via ThisIsntHappiness.

Lifted from this week’s New Yorker. Stuck to the fridge by a Mickey Mouse magnet.

More fabulous and whacked photos by Geof Kern here.

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Er, borrowed [ah, stolen]] from last week’s New Yorker.

The rational explanation of an emotional experience, says HouseholdName.

Fave? I would have to say sound: the sound of tearing a hunk off of a real French baguette; the lovely deglaze, any time, anywhere; yeah, the sizzle of the steak, ok; but No. 1 would have to be the expresso’s orgasm when the last of the coffee has sputtered out of the top of those old-fashioned caffetieri.

I hear it calling me now.

The spellbinding work of photographer Fulvio Bonavia.

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The work of Luxirare [the complete breakdown of these “health bars” here] via TheCoolist.

A bit too fussy and delux for me, but unmistakably beautiful, so props for that.

Love this eco-campaign for Coke and its family of soda by 18-year-old student Andrew Kim.

Design: R.O. Blechman

Animattion: Willis Pyle.

Music: Arnie Black.

for CBS 1966

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