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An Amsterdam food truck christened “Kitchen Of The Unwanted Animal,” serves “wasted” meats. Guess which?

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kit tools 2


If only great ideas could stick like these do.

We’ve had magnetic knife rails for some time, but not for the key utensils that we pull out of a drawer after we’re done all our slicing and dicing. Once we’ve done our basic prep and we’re ready to head to the stove, we reach for the spoon, fork and spatula.

Here they are, and like none other.

This gorgeous beech set comes from Slovenia, which has a storied tradition of woodworking that the makers of this set would like to revive. They’re produced and designed by Leis, a Slovenian company that follows a sustainable, fair-trade business model that they like to keep local. Harvesting, design and manufacturing were conducted in a 30 km radius.

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cod shakshuka

Cod shakshuka from The Cleveland in lower Manhattan. 

I first learned about this dish from Bonnie Stern, at a James Beard class paired up with Mitchell Davis. Although it’s a Middle Eastern classic — I think Bonnie was showing us her grandmother’s recipe [or was that her grandmother’s recipe for challah, which we also made that day?]. Either way, it struck me that this dish could pass as Italian. Simple ingredients, lovely flavours. Thanks to the Mediterranean for joining us up this way.


sharpie Easter eggs

A nice change from spring pastels. Black and white is my favourite colour.

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beech mushrooms

Mushrooms always take me immediately into the woods, even when they’ve been cultivated in faux-woods arrangements, as most of our commercial mushrooms are today. These babies are beech mushrooms, aka shimejis, and I see them in a light fry-up with some olive oil and a clove of garlic [whole, for aroma, and then hauled out, I’m done with you], tossed with linguini, a few chili flakes, cracked blacked pepper and shaved asiago. Here’s Cozy Kitchen doing soup instead.



The Shishito Peppers at Stix Mediterranean Grill in NYC, a spot that favours healthy Mediterranean dishes, many involving meat on a stick, and yet, not in this case. Photo by Ramsay de Give for WSJ

crab mac'n'cheese

You can’t tell by looking at it, but blue crab is what makes this a dish worth stopping for at Pennsylvania 6, near Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, if you’ll happen to be in NYC some time soon. Photo by Byron Smith for the WSJ.


Learn to make it here. Four ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, water. Perfection.

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Devour_03When a photographer is looking at it, upside down, namely Norway’s Christopher Jonassen.

More magic ..

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China Latina

China Latina is not just the name of chef Julieta Ballesteros’s new NYC restaurant at the Hotel Indigo. It’s a  descriptor that also nails her fusion cuisine. Say hello to her wonton tacos. Photo: Ramsay de Give for WSJ.


You won’t need 3D glasses for these

Being in plain view is what these cookies want to do most.

Maybe those adorable two Robin Hood kids, with their calendar baking days, could get a set of these…. Read more…

The Queen of the Table at Dinner: Perfect Roast Chicken

Let’s set aside the noble pig, for a minute, even bacon. It’s tough. I know.

Let’s look at the golden bird, the roast chicken, the queen of the best and humblest tables anywhere, and one of the finest meals there is.

The golden bird is often a problem for the home cook. That dry breast, that troublesome thigh joint. That never-crispy-enough skin.

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How It’s Done or henceforth HID

Introducing this regular new feature, the food world’s equivalent to best practices in producing the final product, when a food presentation displays beautiful work  in technical execution or great ideas,  and when overall it evoke desire in the viewer.

The jam is the star here: a high concentration of flavour freshened up with some fresh fruit to finish.

I know, if only we could cyber-taste or even smell.

Maybe that’s in the works somewhere.

Let’s wish for it hope.

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A Margherita fresh out of the ovens at Via Tribunali in NYC.  Agaton Strom for The Wall Street Journal

Like heaven, pretty much.

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I don’t usually go for girly stuff. And what’s girlier than this rose petal sugar?

Baker-photographer Julie Marie Craig stumbled onto the stuff at Nicasio Valley Cheese  on a day out with her dad.

But I’m always drawn to poetry, and this label has it.

I know. It’s just a statement of what it is and who should get credit. But bare-boned and to the point, there’s no more powerful message than that.

This lovely stuff calls to girly cupcakes everywhere, and also wedding cakes. Can it stand up to something richer, like maybe the chocolate mousse I served on a catering gig recently? Yup. In the chantilly cream garnish. Just enough girly juxtaposed to make rich dark chocolate even better.

Worth the visit: Julie’s blog  Always With Butter.

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The second course of the stinky cheese meal prepared by Chef Andy D’Amico, below, at Marseille on West 44th Street: a creamy polenta with Taleggio, porcini cream, sage and a sunny-side up pullet egg.

Photog Daniella Zalcman [gorgeous work]

via  WSJ