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pi pie

For foodie-math nerds everywhere, today, 3.14, which is the value of Pi, which is actually an infinite number, which is like the infinite number of pies we can and should make, all of us. Like this baby. What a happy day!


daily bread 18mar

A woman carries bread in Diyarbakir, Turkey’s main Kurdish city, as the Turkish central government begins talks with an imprisoned rebel Kurd who is proposing a cease fire, an uplifting thought.



eggyolk brooch

An homage to breakfast

A bacon scarf, hand-felted and pinned with an egg-yolk brooch.  Read more…

Devour_03When a photographer is looking at it, upside down, namely Norway’s Christopher Jonassen.

More magic ..

Read more…


Brain Pickings is celebrating the life and work of graphic artist A. M. Cassandre, who was born today in 1901. Cassandre created this iconic ad above when he was 31. More about his life and tragic death are unwrapped here.


The eggs in Spain fall mainly on the other guy’s head

But by the looks of it, with flour thrown in for good measure. This strange behaviour is the celebration of Els Enfarinats, a traditional battle of baking ingredients — where’s the butter, I’m wondering — in the town of Ibi in eastern Spain…. Read more…

Just because @TheSirenGroup is chirping about World Elephant Day [coming up in August] and about the @ElephantMovie being about getting elephants back into the wild, I’ve hauled out my all-time favourite gif. Wildly fun.

But seriously, for the real deal … www.worldelephantday.org.



This cool guy comes from More Than Human, Tim Flach‘s new book of highly conceptual animal portraits, and it came to light for me thanks to Maria Popova’s brilliant blog BrainPickings,… Read more…

Does wacky bedding have a gender? Just wondering. Cuz I don’t see the girls flocking to this one. Tween boys? In droves.


From a line-up in a refugee camp near the Congolese city of Goma, where the U.N. confirmed Sunday that armed men looted the camp and raped six women. How miraculously unfair that I get to live in a war-free country.  (Phil Moore/AFP/Getty Images)

Your breakfast is  your fingerprint.

Really, it is. All you yogurt-fruit-and-honey types, you’re not the same. Your bowls might seem the same or even look alike, but no two of you are the same.

Nor you croissant-and-jam types or hard-boiled-eggs-and-whole-wheat-toast types. You’re unique. Even you black coffee types. Distinctive. Of a type, but individual.

California photographer Jon Huck proves it…. Read more…



Novel ways of looking at salt. Part 2*

Cooking aside, Japanese culture is strong on rituals using salt.

Restaurateurs pour salt into cone-shaped piles at their front entrance to attract customers and to keep evil energy out.

Sumo wrestlers perform pre-match salt ceremonies, often with dramatic sprays in the air of the white stuff, to ward off opposing negative elements and to bring on a victory…. Read more…

A mighty macro

This is not a close-up of ice cubes in a rock glass about to be splashed with vodka, nor some walls in an ice hotel. This is a crystal of table salt, magnified 45 times, which oddly doesn’t seem like a lot when you stop to consider the size of a grain of salt. Read more…


Like ants at a picnic

Ants are generally considered symbols of hard work, but in reality, that’s only half true.

It is true that they carry 50 times their weight. They do cool stuff like keep and herd aphids, taking them from plant to plant for feeding, milking them for food, and building their homes, in the same way humans keep cattle.

Ants kill crop-eating bugs like caterpillars and beetles, enough to protect a forest. A single colony of wood ants can destroy 50,000 to 100,000 insects a day.

But here’s the rub … Read more…

A toddler’s delicious power

Has anyone ever short-changed you by not really seeing you – especially not seeing the superhero in you?

I hate that. It makes me crazy, and over the years I discovered a handy little move. That superpower cape is just a 180-degree spin away. [I think they’re calling it the pivot these days.] … Read more…

Kids wear rice dumpling costumes yesterday at the opening ceremony of the Dragon Boat Festival on the outskirts of Beijing. (Diego Azubel/European Pressphoto Agency).

I’ll say it: you guys look good enough to eat.

The whole line can be bought at The FLOW Market for about $20 a pop.

Choose from “Courage To Be Honest,” “Effortlessness” and “Chi.”

Designer Mads Hagstrom calls them a purely spiritual product, but more specifically,

“An empty sealed can that materializes immaterial needs.”

Good gag gift. Indigo should stock them in the self-help aisle.

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Don’t mind seeing that every time I drink down my drink. via ThisIsn’tHappiness.


Mitch Hedberg 1968-2005

Inspired by last week’s gorgeous weather. Pillows. Good thinking.

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