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In Chennai, India. Photo by Arun Sankar K./Associated Press)


India Daily Life

An Indian farmer gathers, carries and drops a harvest of pineapples at a farm near Agartala, two kilimetres from Bangladesh.

Photo: Abhik Deb/Associated Press



Production Of Roquefort Societe 150years Cheese

French dairy goats from Millau, wearing the latest in husbandry accessories.

Photo by Balint Porneczi for Bloomberg

A farmer harvests wheat at the fields in Bhaktapur

Wheat done differently, this time, in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photo by Navesh Chitrakar for Reuters and WSJ.

World News - May 1, 2013
Who, but this guy, can nap on top of his own work? A Pakistani farmer catches a few zzz’s on some harvested wheat in a field in Peshawar, Pakistan. Photo by Ahmad Sidique for WSJ Photojournal.

Traditional outrigger canoe fishing

Sri Lankan fish netted on a beach in Galle.

Photo by M.A. Pushpa Kumar for European Pressphoto Agency



No asparagus due to cold weather
Almost there, but not yet: a farmer checks his asparagus under tarps designed to protect the crop from frost. Turns out, it’s an early look but it’ll be a later harvest this year in Woebbelin, Germany. Photo

Best Farmhouse Cheese Inspection

Two inspectors sniffing what appears to be some gouda for a competition for the best farmhouse cheese in Kamerik, Netherlands. Imagine for a moment how much olfactory history and heft is going into this exercise, and how can I get in on the action? (Robin Utrecht/European Pressphoto Agency)

bass beauties

How a couple of beauties can take your breath away

I’m thinking, crispy skin, soft, white flesh, freshness, sweetness and the taste of the lake. … Read more…

Landing swordfish old school

When I began cooking professionally in the early 1990s, no one talked about sustainable fishing. We were serving up swordfish like crazy, which is considered crazy today.

It was insanely popular at the time and a regular on menus all over town. In those days, the big deal was convincing our clientele to eat the fish medium-rare or, better still, rare, because it took so little to overcook and dry out the fish, and once that happened, no one was happy. Looking back, it’s staggering to see how far we’ve come when it comes to eating raw fish. … Read more…

Asparagus covered with plastic sheets for protection against winter weather, near Flatow, Germany. Photographed by Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert for Associated Press via WSJ PhotoJournal

From central Europe’s biggest fishpond complex in the Great Hungarian Plain in Hortobágy, Hungary. (Laszlo Balogh/Reuters)

via WSJ

Keeping wonder alive in your everyday.

We first learned the magic in grade school: those nano-bio-engines and their complex, industrious society. They suck nectar from flowers, mix it with proteins and enzymes in their stomachs, and then spit it out into wax combs that they build from wax secreted from ducts on both sides of their bodies.

Why is this important?

Read more…

What happens when bounty spills over

Since early April, when the Wall Street Journal published this photo, I kept it in my sights to make sure I wrote about this woman and her beautifully sorted fish. Now that she’s in my queue to write about, I decided to get some context about her life and learned some bad news…. Read more…

Traveling First Class

A farmer takes his ducks to market in the Ha Nam province in northern Vietnam. Travellers to this region who stay at the five-star resorts can have their own butlers. But not this guy. His business follows a different model. Going by appearance, these are Pekin ducks, which are very profitable to raise. They’re ready for market at about 3 ½ kilograms, which takes about 50 days.

I love the economy in his set-up.  Don’t the handlebar ducks look especially at ease?

Do they feel they’re in first class? Read more…

It took 80 years to lose 93 per cent of our food seed varieties.

National Geographic, Fast Company Co.Design.

A view of food at its source never ceases to amaze.

Three fishermen on Inle Lake, Myanmar

Photog [and musician]: David Lazar of Brisbane

via Smithsonian and Boston Globe

A Manila vendor preps his fish at market.

I would take every last one of you home if I could. I swear.

via WSJ PhotoJournal. Photog Noel Celis for Agence France-Presse.