Think Dove, but with food. Pasta in particular. But mostly, genuine love and respect. [Yeah, I know. That works for everyone.]



Brain Pickings is celebrating the life and work of graphic artist A. M. Cassandre, who was born today in 1901. Cassandre created this iconic ad above when he was 31. More about his life and tragic death are unwrapped here.


It’s got all the right ingredients: real food, telling a true story, the depiction of ingredients so skillful I can taste them. A beautiful example of the product being the marketing, and luckily, the marketing getting that right. What a blast it must have been to cook up this campaign

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Thanks Tumbleona

Finally, blood orange season, free for the co-opting.

Like the School of Visual Arts has done here.

This is a poster for master workshops in Venice and Rome this June, when and where — ironically — there won’t be a single blood orange worth eating.

It won’t matter. Field greens and wild strawberries will be flooding the markets. See you next January, blood oranges.

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