What I love to share and why


Evocative, visceral, exquisite

I’m in awe of the image, the well-wrought kind. I go heavy on pictures for this blog, because images hit so suddenly, faster than words, differently, and often better, which might be counter-intuitive for a writer, but then I am that kind of writer.

When I stumble across an enchanting image, I see an opportunity to share something unexpected from a writer: beauty that evokes sheer pleasure in the viewing, just like the sheer pleasure of biting into something exquisitely delicious.

Sharing beauty is highly evocative, and creating visceral experience is the greatest stock in trade for food marketing, which is why the image always decides what my posts will be about.

My clients and prospects are already getting too many How-To listicles from trade subscriptions and the general business press. I asked myself, who is feeding their creativity?

Beauty moves their thinking, shifts their perspective and gives them pleasure.

Experiencing beauty leaves a stamp on our soul. We’re changed by it, and we’re better for it.

Image via Adventures In Cooking.