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Gastro Ghetto: Get there quick

Grégoire Jacquet opened his eponymous California restaurant in 2002, doing classical French dining, take-out and catering. He’s clearly doing something right, because he’s keeping two locations afloat. One is in Berkeley, in what he likes to call “the gastro ghetto,” because it’s down the road from Chez Panisse. Some ghetto. Reputation by location: is that a thing now? We’ll allow it. If you’re good enough to stand and hold your own next to a great, you get points for that. His second location is in Oakland.

What stands out for me about his business’s identify is how the foodie-on-the-ground who took this photo paints a considerably better picture of his business than the folks who built his website. They’ve made his beautiful logo dance in a particularly creepy way.

That we can do stuff doesn’t always mean we should.

The logo is charming and distinctive. Carried by the wedgewood-coloured awning, it’s doubly good. Thank you foodie photog. Because of you, we can see that it delivers an aesthetic that says semi-casual French, plus elegance.

That dancing logo reminds me of this professional development talk I recently attended, where people were asked, do you have truth-tellers in your live? Do you have people who will tell you what you really need to know professionally, even if it’s hard to hear and tougher still to swallow?

Maybe Grégoire has a truth-teller, but he wasn’t open to hearing. That’s the important second half of that equation. Entrepreneurs who have strong visions for their businesses can sometimes wear blinders and not feel inclined to really hearing.