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Maybe, in the beginning, it was all about the yeast

Or, How a landing page delivers a brand

To my eyes, this establishment is a hipster couple. She’s the sweet, the cupcake, and he’s the beardy suds, the beer. That’s flagrantly sexist, but it was the only way I could “get” this business identity at first, because connecting the two, in terms of name stamp and food pairings, I wasn’t feeling it. …

Like beer and cheese. I was opposed to those two together, too, and then I went to a beer and cheese tasting, and I was forced to remember how counter-intuitive pairings can really work. Way to keep an open mind.

Still, left to my own devises, I’ll never combine beer and cheese again. There are so many better matches for my taste. I was brought up by a couple of Mediterranean palates. Nothing will topple this cuisine from on high for me. I get Europe, Africa and the Middle East. What’s not to love?

Asian food? Meh.

It’s hard to admit among friends from my cooking days because, coming up as a cook in the early 1990s, you really had to be deft and innovative with Asian flavours. It was the cuisine everyone was excited about. The industry had exhausted its excitement for French, California and Italian flavours. There seemed to be nothing left to fuse.

It was such a relief when I stopped cooking. I could put Asian food to rest, except for some sushi once or twice a year, and ditto Chinatown duck. That’s all I ever really want.

I want roasted meats and grilled fish, with olive oil and rosemary. I want eggplant, roasted peppers, tomatoes, fennel and lots of fresh parsley and red wine vinegar. And pasta, done well, is always sublime. But I’ve had to give up pasta almost completely, because it really packs on the pounds, and I really can’t afford any more of those.

Here’s how a landing page delivers the brand

easy tiger 3

Here’s how the Easy Tiger gets us to understand how they’re going to do baking and brewskies together: they put savouries into the baking side [baking and deli, yes], and they added wine to the cheese they’re pairing on the beer side, for people like me, I’m guessing.

Really, if there’s going to be cheese in the picture, how hard is it to bring on some wine?

Cheese, it turns out, quickly became this spot’s strong suit, following their successful opening this summer. Also, they do wholesale and catering. They’ve really thought things through. If I’m ever in Austin, I’m there.