The eggs in Spain fall mainly …

The eggs in Spain fall mainly on the other guy’s head

But by the looks of it, with flour thrown in for good measure. This strange behaviour is the celebration of Els Enfarinats, a traditional battle of baking ingredients — where’s the butter, I’m wondering — in the town of Ibi in eastern Spain….

Every December 28, rekindling a 200-year-old tradition, crazy people get dressed up in military costumes and enact a symbolic piece of history in the town square by dousing each other with flour and cracking eggs on one another’s heads, all of it punctuated with fireworks.

It only makes sense when you remember that this is the same country that puts on an annual tomato fight so epic, they have to hose the town down afterward.

I can’t help but think there’s a squadron of pastry chefs out there dying to get into the act.