Package redesign of the day

Brand transparency

De Cecco’s full-frontal showing off with its new US packaging is brilliant.

You can never do better with food packaging than to show the product with full visual candor.

It’s brand pride to the max, and with food, that’s particularly important, since so much of food production is “sausage-making,” as in, you love your sausages, but you don’t want to know how they’re made….

Well, now we do, more than ever before, and now producers are telling us exactly how they’re making their brands better for us.

But what’s with all that text on the back page? It looks busy and a little too much a-whole-lotta-‘splaining-to-do. I was enjoying the minimalism of the front of the package, but I have to concede that the brand’s done a good turn.

Don’t squander your packaging real estate

Deliver as much value outside as inside.

Here’s now the brand did a great job with its ‘splaining.

First, no small print. Always a plus, and it qualifies as good “walking the talk” when it comes to transparency.

Second, nutritional data gets value-added — in size, in additional health benefits, plus some info on how it’s made.

Third, a recipe. The market is forever in need of a recipe, despite the monumental volume of recipes online [which never ceases to amaze me, but that’s a story for another day].

via Lovely Package