3D Dinosaur cookie cutters

You won’t need 3D glasses for these

Being in plain view is what these cookies want to do most.

Maybe those adorable two Robin Hood kids, with their calendar baking days, could get a set of these….

[I’m a total sucker for that commercial and shamelessly get a feel-good on every time it airs. This is it’s third year running, and for good reason. Sweet, but not saccharine. Genuine, but not sentimental. More of the same, please.]

I’d love to see the boy get a little help with his dinosaur, and having it stand on its own legs, that just might blow that little sweetie’s mind.

Good thinking, Suck UK [name, not so great], and whoever deserves the credit for the fun these kits are going to produce in tons of kitchens this season. Thx Incredible Things.

Here’s how …