We heart red wine how much?

A little something for hipster foodie table

I wish I could heart this decanter set.

On the surface, it’s got all the right stuff. It’s beautiful, clever, striking and evocative. But it’s also skeevy.

I definitely don’t want it sitting on my dining-room table, making my guests think about blood while they’re eating dinner, because that’s what’ll come to mind. That’s the whole point of the design.…

The designer has said in articles about her work that this set delivers an important message: red wine is good for your heart. But really, what pleases her more about her work, without a doubt, is that it has this dynamic capacity to provoke.

It reminds me of a couple I once met while travelling. They were very proud of a violent, blood-red painting on their mantle and called it their litmus test, which was another way of saying that you were a wuss if you found it too gruesome.

What makes some kinds of provocation exciting and others offensive?

In marketing terms, it’s how the object or idea connects to the right audience with an insightful meshing of sensibility. You can only do that if you really know the market.

I see this decanter set on many a hipster foodie table where, I hope, no one will be judged for finding it just a little unsettling.

I can also see it as an ironic passive-aggressive gift to someone who’s just come out on the good side of heart surgery. And even there, you’d better tread carefully. Not all senses of humour are alike.

Designer Liviana Osti