100 ways to understand breakfast

Your breakfast is  your fingerprint.

Really, it is. All you yogurt-fruit-and-honey types, you’re not the same. Your bowls might seem the same or even look alike, but no two of you are the same.

Nor you croissant-and-jam types or hard-boiled-eggs-and-whole-wheat-toast types. You’re unique. Even you black coffee types. Distinctive. Of a type, but individual.

California photographer Jon Huck proves it….

He took portraits of 100 of his friends and their breakfasts, and ran the photos together. It’s a revelation.

Sure, you’ve got the cold pizza guy, the baked sweet potato gal [she’s a bit scary], the wholesome family eating apple pie for breakfast [huzzah for you guys.] Fascinating.

And eventually, yes, they’ll have breakfast-scan-identification machines to get into the back rooms at Vegas, I’m sure of it.

Until then, if you love breakfast, you’ll love this project. See them all here

Which one’s your favourite?.