Marvels, like bees and honey

Keeping wonder alive in your everyday.

We first learned the magic in grade school: those nano-bio-engines and their complex, industrious society. They suck nectar from flowers, mix it with proteins and enzymes in their stomachs, and then spit it out into wax combs that they build from wax secreted from ducts on both sides of their bodies.

Why is this important?

Because the natural world is generous with marvel, especially when it comes to food. So pausing to consider this — in the gold light of that honey and its comb — is worth it, and maybe honorable, too.

Having done that, check out this Globe piece about beekeeper Fred Davis. He keeps 22 hives around the city, producing more than 34 kg of honey as part of a CSA project.  That great photo below, taken by his wife Barbara Gordon, shows off the gorgeous, organic shapes bees will make into honeycomb when unconstrained by the efficient trays and boxes that are used to make beekeeping viable.

This beauty is something we rarely get to see, so big thanks to Fred and Barbara.

Honey via SquareMeal

Fred Davis shows off his wild combs, photographed by his wife, Barbara Gordon.