Every day’s a picnic


Like ants at a picnic

Ants are generally considered symbols of hard work, but in reality, that’s only half true.

It is true that they carry 50 times their weight. They do cool stuff like keep and herd aphids, taking them from plant to plant for feeding, milking them for food, and building their homes, in the same way humans keep cattle.

Ants kill crop-eating bugs like caterpillars and beetles, enough to protect a forest. A single colony of wood ants can destroy 50,000 to 100,000 insects a day.

But here’s the rub …

According to scientist Deborah Gordon (thank you TED), half of any ant colony does no work whatsoever. They stay underground and surface only when they’re needed for extraordinary work.

For me, ants are metaphors for ideas. They’re abundant, industrious, indefatigable and able to do exciting feats of strength.

For as many ideas milling around and getting things done above ground, there are just as many below, “inside,” ready for when needed.

Because a picnic can strike at any time, and a picnic is my metaphor for an extraordinary piece of work.

Ant-y Cup ‘n’ Saucer Set