How to win playing “No!”

A toddler’s delicious power

Has anyone ever short-changed you by not really seeing you – especially not seeing the superhero in you?

I hate that. It makes me crazy, and over the years I discovered a handy little move. That superpower cape is just a 180-degree spin away. [I think they’re calling it the pivot these days.] …

This crafty spin reminds me that opposites have to co-exist. There’s no front if there’s no back, and when we chose one, we get the other one whether we like it or not, but we’re not powerless against the opposite of our desires.

We can use a toddler’s delicious power, the stuff she exerts from the regal perch of her highchair, a move that drives her spoon-feeder completely insane.

It’s called “No!”

Here comes the spoon, and the mouth shuts tight, and the head jerks left to right and back — until one of them gives up.

Guess who?

Sometimes giving up is the right move. Other times, giving up is just a pause.

Any time, whichever way the back and forth is going, it’s always smart to be cape-ready, quietly and discretely, like this guy. He eats whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Hence, my hero.


Cape and Clark